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For the past 30 years Jack I. Hyatt has concentrated in child custody, child support, alimony, divorce, adoption, enforcement and modification of past and existing court orders, contempt of court, ex-parte orders, relocation from state to state issues, paternity proceedings and domestic violence.

Frequently, specific knowledge of specific child custody court decisions and Maryland State statutes makes the entire difference between wining and losing.

Filing documents with a court is meaningless without incorporating the specific legal authorities into the documents prior to filing. Busy trial judges who hear many different types of child custody cases may not be as knowledgeable as a dedicated child custody lawyer who can bring specific knowledge to a case which can make all of the difference between wining and losing. Mr. Hyatt is an experienced appellate attorney if you are not in agreement with a court decision.

As a former Assistant State's Attorney, he has gained experience in prosecuting over 20,000 cases for the State of Maryland and has a detailed understanding of all Maryland court procedures. His extensive, training and experience will fully maximize your rights and potential to win your child custody case. Mr. Hyatt's practice is in, and he is fully licensed to practice in, all Maryland counties and Baltimore city.

During your initial interview, he will conduct a detailed examination of all facts in your child custody case, the relationship between all parties, how the conflict arose, who caused the conflict, what laws were broken, what witnesses are available, what evidence is available, the credibility of all parties, the credibility of all witnesses, what resources are available to best help you and he will pinpoint the very best course of action to win your child custody case.

If your child custody case is not being aggressively pursued, he will render a second opinion. Once your case is accepted, all legitimate issues will be aggressively and vigorously pursued, without compromise. You will be kept informed of the progress of all aspects of your child custody case. He accepts referrals from attorneys who do not feel comfortable aggressively or vigorously pursuing custody, support or family law issues.

Our office represents numerous parties around the country who do not reside in Maryland. If you reside outside Maryland, or more than thirty miles from our office, and your child custody case is in the Maryland Court system, you can begin your case be mail. Whether you begin your child custody case by scheduling an office appointment, or by mail, what will be done, every sequence, every procedure and the end result will be identical.

Our dedication to our work, and our dedication to your case, is substantiated by reasonable fees and workable payment plans, we encourage you to compare. Call, you will see for yourself.

"There is No Substitute For Experience."

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